John Kelly said $31,000 isn’t all that much for a table if you think about it, according to report

Ben Carson wanted to use taxpayer dollars for a new dining set. John Kelly doesn’t seem to think that’s a big deal.

John Kelly said $31,000 isn’t all that much for a table if you think about it, according to report

Meanwhile the Department of Housing and Urban Development faces massive budget cuts.


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25 thoughts on “John Kelly said $31,000 isn’t all that much for a table if you think about it, according to report”

  1. Maybe Kelly is just so use to the Pentagon wasteful spending, like $10,000 toilets, that a 31k table seems right in line. Either way, that shows you how out of touch this administration is with most Americans who can’t even spend that much on a car for basic transportation. Fool.

  2. Funny! I’ve thought about it and I don’t think I’ve ever paid that much for ANYTHING except my home and my car. Even then it took YEARS to pay those off.

  3. Typical of the Trump administration….the National budget funded by us is their very own ATM cards. Expensive furniture, military jets for honeymoons, multiple golf trips to his own golf resorts….Disgusting!!!

  4. He probably would know. He probably spent much more than that on something similar for his office digs when he was in the military. Which calls into question what obscene amount he paid with tax dollars for personal benefit while in the military.

  5. Weren’t we all supposed to be happy when John Kelly was appointed to the White House as Chief-of-Staff because he was supposed to bring some semblance of serenity into this chaos? Seems like Kelly drank the Trump Kool-aid.

  6. And Nancy Reagan bought new china for the white house that wasn’t needed.
    The so called conservatives are only conservative when it comes to what they share with you when it comes to middle Americans tax breaks.

  7. yet the Trump administration wants to cut SNAP benefits for many families that have yearly income in that range… “reasonable” for a table to the Trumpeters, but “excessive” income for a poor family trying to put FOOD on a table…

  8. That’s just how out of touch these people are when it comes to everyday living… I would guess some if you really thought a billion was your savior!!! 😂😂

  9. Disgusting aristocrats! They literally robbed our Treasury with their horrendous tax cut bill, and now they, their heirs, their donors and big corporations are wealthy beyond measure for all times (no deadline, as with the tax breaks for us peons). I suppose to them $31,000 for a blasted table is peanuts — peanuts that could support 4 citizens receiving disability benefits for an entire year @$8,000 or less for each.

  10. Actually, the bigger issue is that Carson/HUD did not seek the appropriate approval for the expense. The rules state that any expense in excess of $5000 must be submitted for approval to Congress. That wasn’t done, ergo they broke the rules! If the dining set were actually necessary and the expense reasonable, then it would have been approved.

    The even bigger issue with this Administration seems to be that they consider the US Treasury to be their personal piggy bank for excessive expenses on travel, furnishings, “security”, etc that are not actually necessary. Traveling by car, train, or commercial airlines in coach seems to be “beneath” these autocrats. If they want that, then they should pay out of their own overstuffed pockets instead of charging it to the taxpayers.

  11. It is when there has been a long standing statutory limit of $5000 to make changes to the office of an incoming official and for all the past administrations, most have adhered to it.

  12. That is 3 years rent for me. With enough keft over to buy acouch and a dibung set.Just for perspective. And this dining room set for Carson is to fill a rarely used formal space in his office.

  13. That’s a down payment on a house. Didn’t you like that tax cut too? Stealing from us left and right and some of you voted for this. I’m happy with the $6.00 in my paycheck though. A new loaf of bread in my future 😂

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